Thursday, April 03, 2008

Merger and the latest report

I don't even like the title:
Government for Growth:
Forging a Bright Future — Built on Unity, Efficiency, Equity, and Equality —
for the People of Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh
Why not "Government Shrinkage for Growing Liberty."

I don't need a 'bright future.' Day will follow night. Summer follows spring.

There is a lot of 'bright lights' in Las Vegas. Same too in Disney World. A future that hinges on 'brightness' might also be driven to casinos -- not just slots parlors. It is bright for some to build a tunnel under the river for light-rail extension. What is bright to the construction trades is debt to the taxpayers. What is bright shopping -- like Lord and Taylor -- is not economical for most.

Even "authentic" beats the pants off of "bright" as in "flasher" and "full moon."

Forging, okay. I'd rather engineer and not use the brute strength of the hammer -- and sickle. I'd rather have government 'resign' and 'relax' and 're-tool.'

Unity, well, that's gotten Pittsburgh in its mess. The city's leadership has been full of unity. We need dissent. We need diversity. We need to break the one-party choke hold.

To be strong, it is often much better to bundle and gather together. Steel cable that support our bridges are often formed from smaller strands that are inter-twined.

Those 9-0 votes on council are all about 'unity' -- and often are full of folly.

Equity and equality -- both in the title -- is overboard. The formula has to be more complicated. Life isn't fair. It is easy to have equity -- when everyone is poor. The marketplace is nothing that government (especially the city and county) can control so as to inject equity.

And equity is not about 'growth.'

People grow in different spurts. Nature is about progress as it comes, on its own. Not about unifority, equity, cutting the blades of grass into a sea of equality.

The Mon River is not like the Allegheny. Things are as they are. How about 'reality' and 'judgement' and 'potential' and 'nurturing.'

I have two kids. I don't treat them with perfect equity. They are not equals in most things.

In governmental settings, I'd love to have one person with one vote -- but the concept I'd want to run up the flag pole is 'dignity.' Give us dignity and don't dish out equity so we have K-8 schools where those in middle-grades are eating elementary sized lunches sitting in wee desks.

Sigh. I'll have to read the rest of the report in the shower.

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