Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Pittsburgh Comet reports that Kraus wants a 'do-over.'

But wait, wait, wait....
The Pittsburgh Comet: Wednesday: Other News 'Has this been politicized to such a point that some are willing to jeopardize public safety?' asked Bruce Kraus. He recommends again voting to override the veto on the original legislation, to send it back with guidelines for vehicle eligibility.
The veto from the mayor arrived to city council. So, city council voted yesterday. The votes in council were FIVE. Six are needed to over come the veto. Kraus lost. So, today, Kraus wants to it again. He wants to vote again.

This is exactly what happens when a dog runs around in a circle and chases its tail. Over and over again.

Kraus is good at spinning in the same place.

Meanwhile in other news, from yesterday, Penny Folino, owner of a diner on East Carson Street, had to deal with the 'do over mentality' again from Kraus.

The spring is here. The outdoor cafe is set to open for the season -- and with a new schedule of operation -- 24 hours a day. But, the railing that was used and approved last year by city council is now NOT PERMITTED.

Kraus revisited that bit of legislation. He got a re-do done again.

But, I have a feeling that this saga is not finished yet. The lawyer for Falino's was in council chambers as well.

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Anonymous said...

So, will Kraus be involved in a second lawsuit? This is so typical Kraus. While I don't totally agree with Penny (in that I believe the fence takes up too much of the walkway, so it should be modified, there are other businesses with outside tables and similar situations.

Mark, I think Kraus would be a good Chineese ruler, however, he's in the United States, and thankfully we have the ability to defend and fight for ourselves.

When is the Post-Gazette going to pick up on the re-do's of Kraus?