Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pittsburgh man drowns in Florida

So sad.
Pittsburgh man drowns in Florida: "Officials say a 50-year-old tourist from Pittsburgh drowned off Daytona Beach Shores, Fla., in an area where rip currents were seen.

Beach patrol Capt. Scott Petersohn said beachgoers spotted Paul Peters of Pittsburgh floating in waters offshore Friday afternoon.

When lifeguards reached him they found he was unresponsive and took him to a hospital. He was pronounced dead approximately two hours later.

Rip currents were spotted in the area where Mr. Peters was swimming, but it was not clear if they were a factor in his death.
A great reason to be a swimmer.

Are your kids signed up for swimming lessons?

Adults -- what about you? Can you swim? Are you in shape to battle or float out a rip tide?

Let's work to make sure that vacations don't end like this.

Adults can be taking swim lessons too.


Anonymous said...

Paul Peters was a strong man and an excellent swimmer - he helped teach all of his children to swim.

Anonymous said...

Rip currents can take down even the best swimmers. Do not turn this story into something it is not. Taking swimming lessons will not prevent you from drowning in unanticipated ocean undertows, especially when the surrounding lifeguards are clearly incompetent! It is absolutely ridiculous that a man can drown less than 200 yards from a marked lifeguard station, as this strongly influences where people, particularly tourists, find it safe to swim.