Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pittsburgh Pist-Gazette says "Thank You." I say I'm not convinced.

Pittsburgh Pist-Gazette: "One battle behind you, God knows how many more lie ahead. But together you can do it.
So far they delayed the building of a mega electronic sign on a new building.

I'll hold off on the praise and saying 'thank you' until there is something of serious consequence accomplished.

For example, I'll scream "thanks" under the clock at Kaufman's once there is a new law that FORBIDS all NO BID CONTRACTS for the city and all associated authorities.

Yes, this isn't just about the sign. And, it isn't just about what they claim to be 'due process' with the proper zoning board meetings. This is about 'No Bid Contracts.'

Getting to the roots of the real problems is what I'm wishing for from those five you mentioned. I've seen nothing to signal that they are headed for an attack on the roots of problems. I still only see them batting at the leaves on the tree of suffering.

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