Thursday, April 03, 2008

Star for the day goes to fleeting memory

Char at another blog has a recap of the 6-2 vote in Pittsburgh's city council that allows Council Critters to keep the slush fund and over spending as prescribed in the Act 47 bailout plan.

My reaction there in that thread:

Those 'fab 5' had better fix the 'slush fund.' Otherwise, this was no win at all.

Truth is, the budget is full of smoke and mirrors. Slush funds prevail in every corner of city government.

The Act 47 plans are not worth the paper they occupy.

Members of council have hired lots of staffers for political patronage posts at less than living wage for things that are beyond the scope of council.

City Council needs to get its house in order first.

Council needs those aids as few can think for themselves.

Council may have had a victory -- and the mayor may have had a defeat. However, the citizens did not win squat.

In the big picture, Dan Deasey was on the right side and is able to defend his position to taxpayers.

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