Monday, February 02, 2009

Parade - or Rally?

The parade will be at noon on Tuesday. It follows the traditional St. Pats route.

I call that another lost opportunity.

If I'm in charge, there would be an evening (6 pm) rally at Heinz Field, after a breakfast (8 am) at UPMC's Sports Medicine Facility, lunch (11:30) at South Side Cupple's Field (PPS owned), and happy hour (4 pm) at Station Square with a post-rally evening dance (10 pm) at PNC Park.

Fans would be asked to attend only ONE of the four events.

Players and coaches would walk among the events, using the bike path as desired.

Mini events could be staged at Pitt's Pete, Duquesne Univ.'s Polumbo, Civic Arena, and Island Sports Complex.

All this could happen on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas!

Maybe the mayor can hire you as "idea person"- even for one day a week.

Anonymous said...

Mark: most of us don't have the time for even one of these events, and most players are more self centered than ever and don't really want to mingle with the "common folk."

I'm fine with the parade as is.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Little in life is for the benefit of "most." Most people, most players, whatever.

"Only one" was the suggestion, BTW, not "even one."

But, it doesn't really matter, FWIW and that ain't much.