Monday, May 16, 2005

Another Letter to the Editor that won't get seen in Pgh Papers.

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Dear Editor:

I take exception to the unstated assertion in the PG's endorsement for State Senate District 42 ("Fontana for Senate", 5/1/2005).

The editorial states that Libertarian candidate and community activist Mark Rauterkus can't match his opponents' knowledge of Harrisburg. Turn that coin over and it follows that career-oriented Harrisburg politicians can't match the community-oriented knowledge of local activists like Mark Rauterkus.

The mess in Harrisburg is made worse when well-intentioned media unknowingly promote the unspoken assertion that public service must be considered in strictly career terms that value titles and out-of-town mailing addresses over local activities and accessibility.

Volunteers from all walks of life become citizen soldiers and make our military the world's best. Volunteers from all walks of life, not career politicians, should be able to do the same for Pennsylvania's legislature.

That's why we should never dismiss a swim coach and community activist from consideration for the position of citizen legislator.

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