Sunday, May 08, 2005

Stanford and Deliberate -- was at CMU 2 years ago

CMU and Stanford are two top insitutions in the realm of "deliberate" areas of public life. There is a promising, academic, policy, democracracy and technology confluence that has been budding for years. Some in Pittsburgh have been at the cutting edge of this mission and movement. Some huge grants and outcomes have been obtained.

Marilyn Davis, Ph.D., is a long-time net friend of mine. She is the principle developer of eVote and hosts efforts at "" -- a site that I've helped for years by providing some high-speed web services.

Two years ago, CMU hosted a conference. I attended. Now it is going to happen again, but on the west coast. Marilyn is going to present. She wrote today:
Hi eVote Fiddlers,

I will be giving a demo of eVote at a conference at Stanford. I'll be the last of this: 1:10-2:30 Demonstrations: Groupware (380-380C)

For the demo, I'll put in a poll on this fiddle list. If anyone is online, and happens to see the poll come in, it would be totally cool if you went ahead and voted on it.

This looks like a great conference. The paper titles make me think there's lots of hope for online deliberation yet.

Check it out:


Our lightly used blog is at

In Pittsburgh, a month ago, an out of town expert was a guest speaker for a public lecture, and I attended and asked a question. She got the discussions started in earnest outside of the academic and techie realm where I dabble with the lawyers and attorneys.

These concepts are going to reshape politics and our decision making process. I am sure it is the wave of the future for Pittsburgh -- as its happening with great results elsewhere now.

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Anonymous said...

My dear Marliyn:

Many greetings from exile! I am extremely delighted to learn about
your presentation and I would certainly vote if I am online around
that time.

As you are aware, I am in exile and landed broke. However, I am trying
to promote cost-effective and sustainable computing like multiheads
and thinclients using FLOSS. And soon, would be
launching an online deliberation system which I would post to this
list later.

May you, your family and your team be successful in your missions,
prosperous, healthy, happy, free from sufferings and in peace,

Thanking you in anticipation for your invaluable time and continued

Webocratically yours,
Dr. Sichendra Bista, Chief Architect and Secretary General The Pioneering OPERATIONAL Mode of Webocracy
Consultant on Int'l Relations and Online Advocacy, Feminist League
Founder and President, Global Initiatives International Secretariat

Address in Exile:
C/o Ms. Galina Morozova, President
Feminist League of Kokshetau
Abaya Street, 112 off. 24, Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
Tel/Fax: (7-3162) 257354
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