Monday, May 09, 2005

State Senator, 42nd District -- PG has its VOTERS Guide out today -- Monday, May 9

State Senator, 42nd District State Senator, 42nd District

Term: 19 months Salary: $69,648

Duties: The General Assembly is the legislative branch of the state government. It is composed of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. A majority vote of both houses is necessary to pass a law. The Senate approves executive appointments while it is in session.

Question: What changes in state law would you support to provide incentives for more efficient and cost effective local government operations?

The voters guide is out within the PG. See section D.

The voters guide is called a "primary" -- but -- there is more than the primary to occur on May 17, election day.

The state senate race is a special election. The term is 19 months. It is brief. It is okay to send a Libertarian to the senate for 19 months. Think of the ful we'll have.

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