Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Photo and story is in City Paper -- without a mohawk!

I made it into the Pgh City Paper, now out on newstands. You'll be able to seem my head shot -- without a bad hair do, thankfully. They didn't give me a neck or shoulders, cutting my head just below my single chin.

The new cover has "Muse You Can Use" and a singer with a hat collecting dollar bills.

Photo and start of the article is on page 10 -- and the story jumps to page 12.

Presently, the web site still has last week's articles.

The article hinted at a LACK of POLLING data on the race. No data has been released to the media from any polling agency, outfit, etc. Zippo. KDKA, Q Univ., Keystone, etc, -- all are quiet on the race.

My internal polling is sky high with those that watched the lone TV debate. Landslide high in my favor.

My internal polling shows my gaining 5-percent last week alone. My increases have been remarkable in the past weeks. And today, one more negative campaign mailer arrived. Diven's was a pro-GOP mailer. Fontana's mailer today was had an senior citizen as "trainee" as a fast-food worker to help pay for teh Diven Tax.

More than 25% of the voters are still undecided.

If you want to help get out the word, come one by and we'll get you some CDs and some handouts. People are working in most parts of the district now. I will work Mt. Washington again this weekend as well as Brighton Heights.

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Anonymous said...

Internal Fontana polls have him up 7-8 points at this point over Diven. This was as of two weeks ago.