Monday, May 16, 2005

PG calls it vicious

Editorial: A mayor and more State Senate Special Election

Jack Wagner's election last year to auditor general created a vacancy for his Senate seat in the 42nd District, which includes Downtown, Oakland, the Strip District, North Side, South Side, plus southern and western neighborhoods in the city and a large swath of suburbs to the south and west.

Since this is no primary but an election to fill the seat immediately, it's been a vicious contest into which both parties have poured barrels of money.


Say what?

Watchdogs that give a free pass are not really watchdogs at all.

In the lead of the article, the PG editors wrote:
... some kind of Senate race in Allegheny County where two guys are saying the most nasty things about each other. ...

That's officially some kind of description for some kind of senate race. It all makes sense now.

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