Saturday, May 21, 2005

An endorsement, noticed late, from another blogger. Thanks Nick.

I meant to not say anything about this race as I (by a razor's edge) do not live in the district that will be come the constituency of one of three men after the polls close today - Mark Rauterkus (L), Wayne Fontana (D), or Michael Diven (R). To be brief, Michael Diven is a political opportunist who left the Democratic party because party leaders didn't set his ideas at the top of their priority list, and only joined the GOP to get an opportunity to run for a seat he would never be nominated for as a Democrat. Wayne Fontana has done a reasonably good job on county council and would prove to be a good state senator, despite his transparent stance on assessments and other less-than-desirable stances. Both of these campaigns sent out a barrage of negative mailers and ran negative ads from here to kingdom come. I'm not naive - negative ads win elections more often than not - but it says something about a man's character to run on his good traits and stances on the issues and nothing else. Mark Rauterkus has shown vast knowledge of the issues facing this city, county, and commonwealth in not only this race but various races throughout the region over the years. He has attended various community events, city council meetings, and even written his own Platform for Pittsburgh and has been an active member of the local blogosphere before there even was one. I may not agree with him on every issue, but he is the only man running that has shown the exemplary amount of knowledge and concern required for an undertaking such as State Senator. Jeebas endorses Mark Rauterkus for State Senate.
-- Nick Michaels

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