Sunday, May 08, 2005

Tonight is the only TV debate, 7 pm, all candidates!

WBGN, a Green Tree station, #3 on my city cable box, is to broadcast the debate of a few weeks ago held in Mt. Washington. All three candidates were present and got an opening statement, closing statement and replied to some questions.

In my opening -- I jumped upon some overstatements mentioned by Fontana in his opening. Fontana read a portion of a letter from Tom Shumaker, (R), County Council member. Shumaker has since let it know that he'll be resigning from County Council and moving to Virginia. Tom also has been quoted in the papers saying he won't comment on Fontana's claims of being so effective in "bi-partisan" behaviors.

Shumaker's letter to Fontana was nice -- but -- it was dated Feb. 29, 2005. Shumaker sent it because Fontana was then not eligible to be on the county council as he was a candidate for another public office. Fontana needed to resign by then. He didn't even resign after being nominated. Fontana's resignation came weeks late. Fontana's actions of ignorance for the expressed statements within the County Charter was painfully obvious.

In my closing statement, I pointed out the main distinction between the other two any myself. I expect to serve the American people in a lawful way as a state senator should. I'm not only about bringing home the pork.

I'm the one that thinks that the system is broken. That the public treasury is broke. We've tried their style and it has diven us deeply into a crisis.

Hope you tune into the debate.

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