Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Voter Testimonial -- Tide is turning to our favor! Get your handouts and spread some love too!

Do you ever sleep? You must have come to our house late last night because my wife was watching TV pretty late and missed you.

Just listened to your CD: wonderful! At last a guy who presents good ideas POSITIVELY, without name-calling. Good job with Jerry Bowyer: He's a tough guy! (And the only conservative talk show host I really like!)

I've already sent my support to a couple of email lists, and cc'd you on one so you'll see what I'm saying. Any suggestions for improvement?

I'll be handing out flyers (and CDs and buttons more selectively) all day.

Do you want me to be at the (NAME DELETED by WEBMASTER) polling place on Tuesday?

Many of us are so disgusted with the mainstream campaigns that you could get a lot of votes from members of both parties. I supported Diven against Nerone in the last primary because I hated the dirt in Nerone's campaign. I started out with a "Democrats for Diven" lawn sign for Michael this time, but the "party hack" flyer he sent out pushed me over the edge to pull up the sign and find out more about you. It all looks good so far, Mark. Go for it!



Anonymous said...


I've decided to vote for you. Frankly, not because you're a particularly good candidate, but because your opponents leave much to be desired and because I'm sick of my mailbox being packed with Harrisburg mud.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks. I welcome votes as they come. I'll be happy to be a place holder for none-of-the-above votes.

Look for the white area at the top within the voter booth. Top left is Row Office Reform question. Then the State Senate Special Election (only a 19 month term). Then Growing Greener. Then other special elections (City Council District 2) if you live in such an area.

Below you'll find the PRIMARY stuff -- either pink or blue.

Anyone can vote for me. Do it out of protest to the Harrisburg mud.