Monday, May 09, 2005

Pondering my (Mark Rauterkus) reply to the PG's Voters Guide

This is what I wrote:
State Senator, 42nd District Mark Rauterkus, 46, South Side

Education: B.S. journalism, Ohio University, 1982; graduate school, Baylor University, Texas, 1982-83.

Occupation: Community activist, swim coach.

Qualifications: GOP candidate for mayor of Pittsburgh, 2001; May 2004, released 150-page parks merger position paper; coached 30 years, proving leadership and teamwork; published 100 how-to books proving abilities of handling technical content, similar to skills necessary for the crafting of legislation.

Answer: I'd launch a youth technology summit. I'd establish a regional park district. I'd end tax increment financing, lower deed transfer tax, fund transportation and squash horrid big-ticket spending. I'd halt sprawl to boost our urban fabric. Supporting schools and neighborhoods makes common sense. Career politicians put the region in a tailspin. My opponents display experienced leadership of folly. Serious opposition must counter their giveaways. is about performance, kids, wellness, accountability, communication, openness, open-source technology, freedoms, personal responsibility, taxing land, prudent spending, real democracy and respect of the marketplace.

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