Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ghost voting and ghost calling

So far, we've seen slams from Fontana about Diven's ghost voting. But, we've also seen the ghost of Ronald Reagan, J.F.K,, 1960 Pirates, Magician, and Uncle Sam come into our mailboxes.

If Diven's win becomes as exciting as the '60 Pirates World Championship, then what would my victory match?

But the headline on the front of Diven's mailer is wrong too. It reads, "For the first time since the Pirates played at Forbes Field, we have the chance to elect a Republican State Senator." It seems to me that Diven is saying that the Republicans never even ran a candidate for State Senator. Perhaps the real story is the fact that we've had lots of opportunities to elect Republicans for State Senate since the closure of Forbes Field -- but they never won!

Now I wonder if we ever had the chance to elect a LIBERTARIAN State Senator?

That could be factually correct. Did a Libertarian ever run for State Senate in the city or in the county?

So, Diven's headline is not truthful. And, Diven's headline fits me like a glove -- if you swap out the Republican word and insert Libertarian.

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