Monday, May 09, 2005

More Q & A via PoliticsPA web board

More Qs and my replies via another web board, found at PoliticsPA.

Let’s say the voter turnout is 48,000.  What portion of that vote do you see yourself getting, and why?

Visualization. Furthermore, I'm good at predictions, forecasting, as I've got plenty of perspectives. Seeing into the future is fun work. Plus, I like to use my imagination too. One day I'll have a business card -- and it will have my fifth favorite job title: Futurist.

Being a stay-at-home dad, coach, and publisher are still better.

If the voter turnout is 48,000, I can see myself with 40,000 and each of the others with 4,000. I see myself as a slightly better candidate, but most of all, a much better senator. Ten times better than both opponents.

I could see myself getting second as well.

Or, I can see myself getting third.

There is a candidate-speak, trite, "fire in the belly" thing that I learned about in 2000 and 2001. So, I'll say little more other than I want to win and I'm working hard to do as best I can to win votes and win on issues.

Do you trust the voters of the 42nd district will make an informed decision when electing their next Senator?

I have far more trust for fellow citizens and voters than I do with the media. But, that's not really saying much as I have thin expectations on informed decisions from the watchdogs. Voter education matters greatly.

I feel confident that if a voter was able to sit with each of the candidates for one hour, plus some debate time, for example, then I'd get the most votes -- in a landslide.

When the number one issue in the 42nd district is property taxes, why do you choose to deal with other items like corporate welfare, pool schedules, trash pick-up and so on?

The question is based on a false belief. I've not talked about pool schedules, but in a brief passing to show how the priorities are out of touch. I've talked about trash pick-up in terms of making a service for the citizens without holidays. These are brief mentions out of hundreds of postings.

I do talk about corporate welfare. Corporate welfare caused a system melt-down in Pittsburgh. The system is broken. The treasury is broke. After we ended corporate welfare, we'd begin to thrive again. Corporate welfare is one of the root problems here.

I've spoken frequently and continually about property taxes. PA needs statewide assessment buffering. We need to drop the deed-transfer tax (property tax matter). We need to move back to the land-value tax in the city and throughout the county. These solutions hit upon the number one issue.

I spoke out about the unified tax plan in 2000. It makes the downtown towers drop in value and in turn gets more of a burden onto the neighborhoods.

These are root problems and I've offered solutions that are wonderful fixes to the overall situations.
Name what you see your number 1 accomplishment is that defines your term/terms as senator.

If I win on May 17, 2005 -- the signal would be clear. Negative mud-slinging doesn't work. Old-party politics and same-old-same-old folly isn't welcomed. My victory would set the stage for great people to actually run again. My message has depth and scope and is rooted in the community.

Serious solutions count.

Community efforts are noticed.

Party labels don't matter as they used to around here.

Pittsburgh and the region is willing to "Think Again!"

In my first, 19-month term, I would push hard to focus upon self-determination, self-reliance, self-discovery. The Youth Technology Summit can begin in earnest. The Park District model can take root in planning stages and wide discussions.

These are community endeavors.

I've told the story of Humpty Dumpty many times. All the king's horses and all the king's men can't put Humpty (or in this case the region called Pittsburgh) together again. But, with the people's help -- we can. Humpty won't look the same -- but it will be fun and it will be ours.

An old woman comes into your State Senate office and tells you that she can no longer afford her property taxes and unless she pays $2500 in back taxes by month’s end, her house will be sold at sheriff’s sale.  What would you do for her, or what would you tell her?

I won't write a law for her. I'd suggest she talk to her family, her city council member and her support people.

Perhaps Michael Diven will be a better aid to her. He could tell her how to dodge the tax payment with much better insight than I could muster.

As a Senator, I could tell her to talk to her State Rep -- perhaps Michael Diven.

If we lowered the deed-transfer-tax -- or got rid of it in our crisis region for a 10-year period -- we'd not TRAP people in their houses. We'd like to have people in a house that fits. Things fit that shouldn't when there is a massive tax bill as the deed-transfers. Those POINTS are costly in many ways -- both for the seniors and the youthful who don't have much savings.

The tax break can't be given to the seniors because we gave away so much to the likes of Lazarus and Lord & Taylor. Downtown property values are dropping fast. People with homes in the city and county are going to be punished again. It is going to get worse, until TIFs and corporate welfare end.

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