Monday, May 30, 2005

Busy days, Idle electrons, Buying a three wheeled bike

The boys are in People's Park with their art teacher and her daughter who speaks English good enough for a two hour lesson. I've slipped away to the nearby internet cafe to dash off a peek at email and the blog.

Last night, Erik, my oldest, and I went to see Star Wars -- in Chineese. The English version was not playing at the cinema near the swim pool. Grant melted down and opted out. This morning, Grant wants to go to the movie (Chinees version) after getting the blow-by-blow from his older brother.

Today I'm hoping to get a 3-wheeled bike around noon. We finally got to a bike shop that had such a beast. It might cost $650, down from $700. But, I only want it for two weeks. The fancy deal will be selling it back for $500. That RMB not USD. No motor, just pedals and a back bench for the boys to sit while I wheel them around town.

Thursday is water polo match. The local university is starting a women's polo team and they are trying to get more to play. I've been invited to play too. My shoulder is still in jet lag and I might opt out of that. Time will tell. Anyone have a better excuse?

Gotta run back to the park.

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