Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Election Day Buzz, so far

The poll workers are out in force. Perhaps with too much force.

At one poll, near my house, the turnout climbed all the way to 10 (ten) voters by 11 am. Right, one short of eleven. Perhaps their goal should have been 11 by 11. The gent there said, "We are leading the way in voter apathy. And we're proud of it."


People were just waiting for me to post my mini-signs there before rushing to the polls.

He also pondered that the nasty weather might be keeping people away.

It is a great day for a baseball game.

In other places, turn out is much better. I'd call it "light." When it comes to the INDEPENDENT VOTERS, the most critical to my winning in a landslide, I'm not holding my breath. Zippo is the most fitting description.

Meanwhile I hear things are going very well in suburban .... LOCATION DELETED .... I don't want to tell you, as I don't want Diven and Fontana rushing to that beachhead. Things are going well there, and they don't need a food fight to break out.

Putting Mike Turzai and Dr. C. Wecht onto KQV Radio is sure to get a lot of people to watch the TV tonight as the results arrive.

Speaking of numbers, 10 to 4 bundle to drop elected row offices has some opposition. Posters even. Same with "vote yes." And, I've not said it yet, but the 9 to 5 posters for Anthony C are clever. I saw a dozen or so of them, weeks ago, and didn't know what he was driving at. But, they do make sense. He'll put in motion a drop in city council, if elected to five members, not its existing nine.

I must admit, voting as a Libertarian isn't rewarding at all. There were all of those pink and blue judge candidates, and I didn't get to do much else other than the two ballot questions.

Perhaps the masses of Indie voters will head to the polls later in the day.

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Ol' Froth said...

I hope you were at least able to vote for yourself!