Friday, May 20, 2005


Libertarian Rauterkus Makes Inroads against "Big Two" Parties

Press Release
Libertarian Party of Pittsburgh

May 20, 2005

Pittsburgh, PA - Imagine three companies trying to sell cars in PA Senate District 42. The "big two" have to spend about $1 million each for marketing, while the principled third company about $3800. The "big two" sell about 32,000 cars at about $63 of marketing per car, while the principled third about 2,600 cars at about $1.50 per car.

Consumer data overwhelmingly reports that the "big two" models have high maintenance costs that grows every year and low customer satisfaction that falls every year. Buying from the "big two" insures that you and your children will be paying for generations to come. Contrast that to the principled third's time-tested philosophy saying that small overhead means customers can keep more of their money.

You've probably guessed that the "big two" aren't automakers, but the Democratic and Republican party candidates. The principled third is Mark Rauterkus, Libertarian Party candidate for PA's 42nd Senate district.

Mark Rauterkus made an impressive showing, about 7.2% of the vote for about $1.50 per vote. The Libertarian Party thanks him for his tireless efforts promoting new ideas as a citizen candidate and not as a heavily-bankrolled career politician.

This shows that we are moving closer to the day we can challenge the entrenched, but decaying, political establishment even here in southwestern Pennsylvania. When that day arrives, it will happen because of a resonating message linking freedom, liberty and small government and because of hardworking citizen candidates like Mark Rauterkus.

Libertarian Party of Pittsburgh
P.O. Box 71333
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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