Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The most at any POLL -- was seven

The turnout was soft. But, the turnout among the non Ds and non Rs was very, very, very thin. I went to 20 or 30 polling places throughout the day. Not a single one had more than seven voters from the ranks of the Indies.

Often there are 40 or so voters in the polling place who are NON-Ds and NON-Rs. Generally there were four or so voters who had voted.

We saved $200,000 by insisting that the vote was held on the primary date. But, that blew the Indies out of the water in terms of getting out the vote.

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Michael P. O'Connor said...

I was one of the few Republicans that did vote today, I only voted on the 2 Referandums and the State Sanate race, I did not bother with the primary becuase it does not matter how a republican votes in local elections.