Sunday, May 29, 2005

My email situation still is not as we had hoped.

Sadly, I'm still without regular internet connections. Our laptop and the loaners we have been getting are not up to snuff.

I'm able to post, this from an internet cafe. But, I've not been able to look at the blog at all.

Today we went to the panda research facility on the edge of town. Great fun again. Took a bus. The red pandas were the best this time.

The boys are learning a new Chinees Folk Song on their new violins. Jasmine. Great tune. EXCELLENT teacher too. We went to her concert on Friday night. She plays in the Provincial Orchestra. She, of course, had a solo and was a featured artist. The boys have their next lesson on Tuesday with her.

The boys are taking art classes too. Nice fun.

On Monday, there is no class for the students. They had a double period on Saturday. So, we'll go to the Chengdu Art Market.

Grant likes the spiced noodles at the Noodle House that is very near to our apartment. These are HOT dishes. Tears and sweat always. But so good.


Chen Kenichi said...

I suggest trying the General Tso's Chicken.

emily said...

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