Saturday, May 14, 2005

Rauterkus got some ink in the latest Diven Mailer

If you look close, my name is on the latest Diven mailer, twice. The mailer zooms in onto the voting machine levers.

1-SP = Wayne D. Fontana, Democratic
2-SP = Michael Diven, Republican
3-SP = Mark Rauterkus, Libertarian

Then the middle of the mailer says, The Choice is Clear. But, the presentation isn't so clear as the contrast is only between Diven and Fontana.

The text talks of Diven's reputation for being independent. Diven's I-like behaviors should have materialized in an INDIE race for PA Senate. He thought about that option but went to the Republicans. Diven knew he could not win as an Indie. The third party folks are sure to look close and see my name within the same mailer and get more excited than picking a "R".

If Diven spent his career doing what is in the best interest of the community -- why is he so blasted negative now? Why are we seeing Jack Wagner come to the defense of his buddie, Fontana, while Diven says he is putting people above politics. The claim doesn't fit.

But to voters, May 17 is a SPECIAL ELECTION -- AND -- a primary election.

Then the line, "The winner will represent us n Harrisburg immediately." But Michael is already a representative in Harrisburg now. Poor word choice, again. Diven is a state rep. If he gets second or third in this race, Diven stays a state rep. And, Diven stays as a Republican.

But, if Diven wins -- then a new special election chain of events is to unfold. We'll have to live through this again with another special election. The date will be set in 60-days after Diven drops out of his present office.

OMG = Oh my gosh. That alone is reason to not vote for Diven. Who would the Republican's run? I doubt a new switching Dem be found?

The flip side of the mailer has "Attention Independent Voters" with uncle same pointing and one eye closed.

To bad Diven didn't do what I would have done -- make mention of the special election in City Council District 2. I've talked at city council on that race and that special election on twice already.

Yes, May 17 isn't just a primary. It is a 'dual election."

The ballot questions also give others beyond the old parties additional reasons to vote.

The Diven braintrust gets additional thanks, today, again, for increased help with the lastest mailer.

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