Thursday, May 12, 2005

Clean Campaign for Mayor while a SEA of Harrisburg Mud flows in from the South & West

I went to this press event. There is a clean election campaign. So, it is more than just the League of Women Voters. And, the campaigns are somehow not to use the news as any "endorsement" -- but just report upon the grade.
Recap: Bob O'Connor and Mike Lamb both got graded as "B" and Peduto got a grade of A-minus. The others didn't get a grade, sadly. But, they were mentioned.
PRESS RELEASEContact: PJ Lavelle - 412.583.0206 --

Peduto for Pittsburgh Campaign Rated "Cleanest Campaign" by League of Women Voters

PITTSBURGH -- The League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh's 'Clean Campaign Committee' rated City Councilman Bill Peduto?s mayoral campaign the most positive campaign of the Democratic Mayoral Primary today.

The committee awarded Peduto an A- for 'exceptional performance.'

Peduto for Pittsburgh Campaign Manager PJ Lavelle said Peduto directed his campaign to stay positive.

"Bringing other candidates down, won't bring Pittsburgh up. We're focused on communicating Bill's plan to revitalize Pittsburgh, and Bill Peduto's positive vision is resonating with city residents," Lavelle said.

Lavelle said the campaign will continue to stay positive during the final week.

"Bill Peduto has proven his ability to make the tough choices and move Pittsburgh forward, so we have the luxury of being able to run on a solid record of reform," he said.

The pointer to the press release,

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