Friday, July 01, 2005

Self-reliance -- You're the cure -- Strokes an 'at.

Self-reliance is a huge cornerstone of what I think needs to be promoted to "cure various troubles." But, teamwork is not to be discounted. Then, enter a wellness theme, and we've got something to blog about with irony.

It is interesting to see how the 'you're the cure' campaign needed people to write to DC politicians for fixes?

But, they did.

Did the most gripping letters and the largest volumes originate from those who have suffered from strokes, or are battling heart disease (say with high cost perscription drugs)? Or, did the physical education teachers and "fit people" come through with their pen and paper letter-writting exercises after doing their daily push-ups?

Now the people are to thank those in Congress (House and Senate) for putting their names on a letter to fund heart disease and stroke. Note, the funding is NOT for the prevention of heart disease, but just more disease -- as written in this blurb.

As a You’re the Cure advocate, you will be excited to learn about the support in Washington, D.C. for funding for heart disease and stroke. Throughout the spring, many of you have been instrumental in efforts to gather signatures on a congressional letter in support of this critical funding increase.

Now for the exciting news…102 Representatives and a record number 46 Senators have signed onto the Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition’s letter. To see if your lawmaker signed on in support of increased research and prevention funding, please select from the pages below:

FY O6 House Signatories

FY 2006 Senate Signatories

However, there is still a long way to go as Congress continues to work on the appropriations process. What can you do to help? If your lawmaker signed on to the letter, you can send a thank you note for their support. Click here to send your message now if your lawmaker was supportive. Send Your Thanks to Congress

Heart Disease and Stroke. You’re the Cure

Where would all the heart disease and stroke workers and industry go if we were all fit?

Such is life, nothing but a merry-go-round.

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