Friday, July 01, 2005

ICAN WHOIS Data Reminder, last update, 1969

I have and have had a number of internet domains. This just came to me. It is worth a giggle.

Per the ICANN Whois Data Reminder policy regarding your domain name service with this notice is being sent as record of your current domain whois details effective today Jun-30-2005.


Creation Date.......: Jul-09-2000
Registration Date...: Jul-12-2002
Last Updated Date...: Dec-31-1969

Check out the last updated date! I've been around a long time -- but that was even before Al Gore INVENTED the internet.

Before I deployed, I had: SportSurf.Net,,,,, and Sunnyhill now operates fully by the web committee at our church.

I still use CLOH.Org too, but there hasn't been an update there in months. However, some of my older materials are some of the best and most in demand.

Yesterday, Alice, Director of Dallas Vision Volleyball emailed to ask about the e-books in PDF format. In a past life I had published a number of excellent, cutting-edge volleyball text books with top-flight authors. She thougt the URL had changed and was searching for the drill book. We noticed that Apache need to be restarted on the server. Fixed. Coaches and players of volleyball at all levels can pick up the no-charge books in that collection at: The titles that begin with VB are for Volleyball.

Speaking of older documents, have any of you gone to CMU to see the display with The Bill of Rights? Reactions welcomed.

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