Sunday, July 03, 2005

Re-banged: New bicycle saga for a first-time rider

Grant, now 7, our 2nd boy, now rides a bicycle. This is a monumental advancement! He is so proud. We are all thrilled.

The training wheels were taken off of Grant's bike a few days ago. Now the only thing comming off is skin.

To re-bang, or spelled without the hypen, rebang is to fall and re-injure the same spot on one's body. Grant has been re-banging his elbows the most.

Today, for the first time, Grant and I rode along the bike-path next to the Mon on the South Side to Station Square. He fell four times. He had a blast.

Today Erik, 10, went white-water rafting on the Yough with a friend's family. That was his first on that river, riding cat 1 and 2 water. He's back with any bruises. My wife wasn't too relaxed throughout the day.

We love the water and have done some canoe trips on the New River in Virginia and even got to raft in a tame (tourist-type) Snake River in Wyoming.

One day, so goes my dream, we'll buy our own kayaks and spend lots of time on the rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans and pools as we grow up -- for fitness, fun and education. For now -- let's be happy with the bike time and occasional river voyage.

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