Sunday, July 03, 2005

UnSpace provided to great blog posts -- so far on the Tour de France. Keep it flowing please.

UnSpace Blog Archive Tour de France Stage 1 Results David Zabriskie (26 y/o, CSC) took the maillot jaune (Yellow Jersey) for the first stage with an amazing 20:51 with Lance Armstrong (33 y/o, Discovery) finishing 2 seconds and Alexandre Vinokourov (31 y/o, T-Mobile) a relatively distant third at 53 sec. George Hincapie (32y/o, Discovery) took 4th at 57.

I'd love to follow the race through the blog posts of others.

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Rob said...

I had no idea anyone else was reading these posts that was actually interested in the Tour.

Sometimes, I use my blog as a place to store information I'm interested in. I had no idea anyone else cared!

I'll keep them coming. I should probably give them a proper Technorati tag, too.

The BBC, by the way, seems to have the first online results (link in both posts so far)., a place where you can register for races online, puts out a nice e-mail about the Tour. It shows up later in the day, but it's a great read. Sports Illustrated does a good job, too.

I just wish I wasn't so cheap that I could afford to get the Outdoor Life Network and watch the Tour de France.

Rob of UnSpace