Sunday, July 03, 2005

Wikimania - perhaps we could organize a Pittsburgh huddle as theirs concludes or is in progress?

Main Page - Wikimania: "Wikimania 2005: The First International Wikimedia Conference will be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 4 August 2005 to 8 August 2005.
I'm not going to Germany, but I'd like to if I could. No money. No time. No driving need to be away from the homefront. And, what I'd really love to see and explore is a way to get some Pittsburgh folks to gather to talk about WIKI matters. Perhaps we could use this meeting in Germany as a good excuse to hold a MEET-UP like huddle in Pittsburgh in early August too.
I'm going to spend a good amount of time in July on the wiki.

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Sj said...

Hi Mark... we should all be talking more about wikis in the US. We have a pretty regular group in Boston, after working up to it for many months.

Please add your thoughts about local chapters here:

There's a lot of good discussion and education we could do with local groups :)