Friday, September 09, 2005

Bobcats are beating Panthers headed into halftime

The OU Band takes the field -- and the scoreboard might change from 10-7 to 17-7 -- as the OU Marching 110 rock and roll.

Go Bobcats!

Sorry Wanny.

Let's see what the second half brings. Sorry the ESPN 2 coverage didn't show a few measures of the band's performance. :(

By the way -- I'm an 1982 Ohio University graduate. I'm pulling for MY University -- a place that was very good to me and good for me.

Our tent and sleeping bags, as well as new bike rack (thanks Nancy) and gear is packed for the weekend road trip. Erik, my oldest, and I are doing a 69-mile trek on Saturday and a return 69-miles on Saturday.

So, I'm no mail until Sunday night. I might wake up around Tuesday!

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