Monday, September 19, 2005

Going to speak to the Pgh Public School Board tonight

I'm going to speak tonight and share some ideas with the Pgh Public School Board about politics. Mark R is in town and on the job now as the new boss of the schools. He's a man with a politcal background. I'll offer up a few of my suggestions -- formally.

School board members should not be permitted to enter the ballot for any other elected office for a two year period following their exit from the the Pgh Public School's board.

Once the elected postion as school board member was converted into a somewhat "terminal" position instead of a stepping-stone to other, higher elected office, then serious school advocates who want to better the schools would run for those offices rather than those who want to better their power-base at the expense of the school students.

Those who work in The White House know that they won't be able to leave their position as an employee in the White House and just pick up any other position they'd like (like with a lobby firm).

More to come, sortly.

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