Thursday, September 15, 2005

Road trip to DC for techie talks in the wake of Katrinia and other storms ('n at)

Does anyone want to go to DC for an event?
N-TEN and HumaniNet invite you to a unique conference that will focus directly on the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) in humanitarian relief operations and post-crisis development.

ICT and Humanitarian Relief:
Being prepared, launching your response, and creating sustainable change
Monday, Oct 17 * Omni Shoreham * Washington, DC

From the Katrina Response to the Tsunami to Darfur to Afghanistan, humanitarian relief operations depend critically on the effective use of information and communications technologies (ICT). In both emergencies and ongoing relief efforts, humanitarian relief operations present enormous ICT challenges: working environments with non-existent or damaged communications and support infrastructure; the need to interoperate with other aid organizations and government agencies; and managing massive logistical problems and information flows. Successful relief operations that bring about sustainable change depend upon early preparation and planning.

Over 100 key program and operations managers from NGOs, government, and the technology industry will meet in Washington, D.C. on October 17 to discuss lessons learned in the tsunami response and other relief operations, with an emphasis on practical, on-the-ground solutions and near-term opportunities.

This conference will bring together practitioners with hands-on experience and fresh ideas about the use of ICT to share "lessons learned" and innovations, to identify opportunities for collaboration, and to craft best practices. The conference will focus on ICT in all phases of relief operations: preparation and planning; emergency response; long-term relief; transition to self-sufficiency.

Please see the conference agenda page at for more details on the sessions available for the day. We will address such topics as best practices for ICT preparation and planning, "day one" communications and connectivity, tools for collaborative information sharing, and the need to plan for ICT support of long-term, sustainable reconstruction projects.

At the conference, we will form informal communities of interest around the main themes and technologies to maintain the momentum of the networks and recommendations that emerge from the discussions. Cost is $100 for N-TEN members, $150 for non-members.

Camron Assadi, Marketing and Business Director
N-TEN, The Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network
(415) 397-9000 main
(415) 397-1833 fax

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