Sunday, September 18, 2005

FreeMarkets founder Glen Meakem contemplates future in politics -

Trib article Meakem said he doesn't have faith in the Pittsburgh electorate to put people in place that will make real change. He said he supported Bill Peduto and Michael Lamb in the Democratic primary, and urged that one of them pull out of the race and support the other in order to present a realistic chance against front-runner and eventual winner, Bob O'Connor, whom he doesn't view as a strong agent for radically transforming the way the city does business.

Both Lamb and Peduto are partly to blame for O'Connor winning the D's spring primary. I wish there was more teamwork among the challengers. Sadly, they fumbled those opportunities.

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Amos_thePokerCat said...

"teamwork among the challengers"

Isn't that intrinsically contradictory ? I am actually surprised that you would say something like that. I can understand frustrastion at the result, but I can not imagine a candidate voluntarily dropping out. Nor would I expect them to. Unless they were just a stalking horse, which is incredibly rare.

The article about Meakem is extremely interesting. I am starting to notice this phenomena in Colorado, and elsewhere. Internet bubble boys that cashed out, and now splash around in politics, generally through referendums (not really available in PA). Curiously, Meakem is the first R that I know of doing this.

Strange, but not surprising, that one of the few successful bubble companies in PIT was started by a guy from NY. I need to dig up the specific reason why he came here. is registered, but no site. seems to outsource alot of the work.