Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tire clean-up nets nearly 600 from the landscape!

Bev of the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Assn posted a recap of the weekend efforts on a tire pick-up project.
We gathered 319 tires without rims and 70 tires with rims. Today's total is 389. From the same area we pulled out 150+ on April 17, 2004 and nearly 100 September 14, 2003 for a grand total of close to 600 tires! There might be ~10-15 left buried so deeply in mud that they cannot be removed. There is a great deal of trash that was bagged and piled for a later clean up. If you drive down Brosville, you will see the tires all piled for Monday pickup...

There will be photos in the Trib tomorrow and in the Reporter. The PG was also there sans photographer.

Thanks to the South Side Chamber of Commerce and Tier1 for the funding to pay the $0.75-$2.00 per tire fee for Proper Tire Disposal!

I am so very happy that we started cleaning this illegal dump area 2 years ago and have had such a great success, that new dumping has been curtailed with our surveillance! This is all due to the StepTrek calling attention to our public stairways. Thanks to all of you that will be very sore tomorrow!

We will be meeting at 9:00 am next Saturday to clean up the StepTrek routes. We will be at the UPMC SS Lot 21st & Josephine Streets. We will make our final pass on Saturday 10/1 for last minutes pick up. Then, the StepTrek is Sunday October 2 from noon to 4pm! We could use volunteers as early as 8 am.

Email Bev to help with the Step Trek. Or, just sign up and take the urban down and uphill hike!

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