Thursday, September 29, 2005

What would YOU do if you had two weeks in Hong Kong, starting early next week??

We are headed to Hong Kong. This is your chance to give us last minute pointers or tasks.

My wife is a visiting scholar / teacher at HK University.

We are staying in an apartment in Discovery Bay. We'll take a ferry to Hong Kong Island.

Our group includes our sons (Erik is turning 11 there, Grant, 7), two Pitt Graduate students in their own apartment about a 10-minute walk from ours, and a HS senior from CT (step-nephew).

We'll touch down there on Monday and spend Tuesday at the new Hong Kong Disney. There is a serious Disney connection with the step-nephew.

My note of introduction to the faculty of the HK Univ. Human Performance (Physical Education) follows in the comments. I've already got word on when they hold swim practices.

I'm thinking that we'll shop for plenty of 'tea' -- and host a few 'Pittsburgh tea parties' so as to warm up the mood for a revolution of sorts. The same worked in Boston some time ago when they held the Boston Tea Party. But, we'll drink ours and take the revolution to the voting booths on election day.

So, note if you have a favorite tea from China, please.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Hello Dr. Abernethy, and the others at HKU Institute for Human Performance:

My wife, a Ph.D. from Northwestern Univ and Professor at Univ. of Pittsburgh, is going to be a visiting scholar to teach a two week
course at HKU -- starting next week. Her field is AUDIOLOGY.

I would love to use this opportunity to visit with you. My field is sports, coaching, recreation -- and publishing as well as some politics.

I am a swimming coach and have coached at all levels -- including six years with various NCAA Div. I schools. Now I mostly coach my
childrens' teams. They (ages 10 and 7) will be with us.

I would love to have some interactions with various members of the
faculty as time permits. Could be be included in some activities on
campus in the next two weeks? Can you all provide some pointers for us
to access on our own?

Could I visit swim practices? Could my children get involved for a few
workouts too?

Would it be possible to be a guest coach at a swim practice or two
with either the men's or women's team at HKU?

I am interested in badminton (as we are starting a club team here in

I have published a number of sports participation books: volleyball,
water polo, swimming, weight lifting, sports psychology, and more. My
wife and I worked on a book together some years ago -- and I mention
this as I see that a couple there are interested in disability sports.
It was Time Out! I Didn't Hear You -- a book for hearing impaired
athletes to better interact with their teams and coaches. It is on the
web in a free download in PDF format.

Could I visit with the swim teams? I notice that Ms Chan is an active
age-group swimming coach.

We would love to attend some other open, community events and
competitions / matches. Is there a rugby match for instance?

I can talk more about 'politics' there -- but I have run for Mayor,
City of Pittsburgh, and I will be on the ballot for other official
jobs soon, again. There could be ways to interact with out city
government in these roles.

We also have interests in other sports: Archery (as a 12th grade
nephew joins us), Kayak, and adventure education to the holistic
development of young people.

I too am devoted to the recreation and the promotion of young people's
health with sport and recreation. I think that there could be many
great things to learn from you -- even in a short visit.

Our apartment is in Discovery Bay.
We are to arrive on Oct. 3 -- but go to Disney on Oct 4. Then we
depart on Oct 14.

This is our third trip to China in the past two years. We went to
Chengdu for 5 week trips in 2004 and 2005.

Thanks for a reply.