Monday, September 26, 2005

Part of my heart is in Harrisburg today -- but my wife is on about DePaul

Best of luck and highest hopes to all who are in Harrisburg today to send a message of scorn and revenge to the state capital bandits. Rock on!

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the radio dial, my wife, Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., is on with Chilly Billy as they do a remote broadcast from DePaul School. Catherine is on the board there. I think she's on the air from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 pm.

In non-P.C. terms, DePaul is a school for the deaf. Today, however, many of the kids are not "deaf" -- as they have had a surgery and implants help to restore hearing -- stimulating the inner ear. They have a wonderful school environment. The facility moved from the South Hills to Shadyside just a few years ago.

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Anonymous said...

After a long, hot summer dominated by public uproar over the middle-of-the-night pay raise our state legislators have returned to work. And they return to a rarity in the annals of Pennsylvania law-making - a special session. Governor Ed Rendell calls it a special session on tax reform. A more accurate name would be a "Special Session on Changing the Subject."