Thursday, September 15, 2005

Eminent Domain gathering here in Pittsburgh

Kathleen Walsh at Ridgemont neighborhood friend from back in the Fifth-Forbes days wrote with this info. I put in for a time to speak.

The State Government Committee will be holding a hearing on eminent domain at 11:00 am., Sept. 22, City Council Chambers, City-County Building, fifth floor. The public is invited to attend. People who wish to speak must register before the hearing by contacting Susan Boyle by either email, or by phone (717-772-3465).

She will schedule speakers as time permits. Please attend whether you plan to speak or not. There are very few speakers scheduled thus far.
... After our struggles of the past, it will be very sad if the committee comes to Pittsburgh and does not get a full picture of the problems we have had and of the community's deep opposition to eminent domain.

I am sure you are aware of the recent Supreme Court decision which approved the use of eminent domain to transfer property to private parties for so-called economic development, which is just the sort of legalized theft that we fought against.

In response to that decision, a number of states are considering legislation to restrict the use of eminent domain. In Pennsylvania, two bills have been introduced, House Bills 1835 and 1836. You can find the text of these bills at The hearing is concerned with problems that have been experienced with eminent domain, and what type of reform is needed.

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