Thursday, September 15, 2005

Operation PA Clean Sweep's leader, Russ Diamond, visited Western PA

Photo by Mark Rauterkus. Click image for enlarged view.
Leaders from Operation Clean Sweep gathered (Sept. 14) at 5 pm at Crawford Grill in Station Square. I was able to attend, with 18 others on two days notice.

Russ Diamond recorded some segment with Clear Channel to play on six various radio stations in the days to come.

Photo by Mark Rauterkus. Click image for enlarged view.
Feeling especially tidy, so enjoy the bonus photo of a helper. Send me a photo of you and your dust-pan, and we'll see if we can make you famous for cleaning up PA Politics by getting a new house and senate in 2006.

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Anonymous said...

I went to the Pa. Clean Sweep meeting in Cheswick tonight. It had about 10 people in attendance. Russ Diamond drove in from Annville and got everyone motivated.

Many people there had some experience in union politics from the Allegheny Ludlum plant nearby. One retired guy managed to get seven people to go with him in his van to an OCS rally in Harrisburg next week. He was still trying to fill the last two seats when I left.

There was a reporter from the valley news dispatch and a photographer there.

Russ went around the group and asked every person 'What's the biggest question that you have right now?" I asked him how the Libertarian Party could help out Operation Clean Sweep. Russ gave the usual answer about changing parties for the primaries to vote out incumbents.

Some of the OCS premises seem a little farfetched, but Russ has managed to catch lightning in a bottle and get the people energized and focused.

Raymond Anthony is the OCS Allegheny County chair. He is more of a union type than a libertarian type, but we kept politics other than the pay raise out of the discussions.

I said that I would send him some campaign management seminars that would be useful to him.

There is another event in Squirrel Hill Tuesday. There is a house party for the Green Party candidate for Mayor. The Green's presidential candidate, Cobb, will be there.
I might attend just to mention that the Greens and Libertarians need to continue to work together on ballot access,.