Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mayoral candidates endorse bike trails

Mayoral candidates endorse bike trails 'I'm all in favor of expanding the bike trails and getting them to come together as a unit,' said Republican nominee Joseph Weinroth. 'Whether I would put that as a top priority? I don't think so.'

Joe does not think bike trails should be the top priority but fails to mention what would be a top priority.

Bikes should be a top priority in terms of city transportation. They are effective, economical, efficient.

But sadly, Mayor Murphy's view of bike trails is to go to DC -- and same for Bob O'Connor. When going to DC, bikes are NOT economical, effective nor efficient.

Bikes can be a lifeblood for the city in terms of getting people and goods to school and work.

Gas prices are up again. The gas prices went down -- for a week -- and then the went up on a rebound. Ouch.

Cars and toll roads are not the answer. Parking garages and parking taxes are sources of headaches.

We can't bike everywhere in this city. Going to Carrick on a bike is hard work and isn't happening. But, going from the South Side Works to Hazelwood to Station Square to Downtown to the North Side and to the Strip District makes for flat, easy bike transport.

People can use bikes well in Shadyside and Oakland too.

If we had a few simple road treatments -- bikes could go much farther in our city.

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