Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Western Avenue work paid for by those who live on that street

The model has changed for the worse, here again. If a road needs to be improved -- those who have "frontage" on that road are going to pay more.

I am against all types of non-democratic weeie-driven, improvement districts that live upon soft money and extra fees and taxes. BIDs = Business Improvement Districts. BIDs are ways to increase taxes as if the residents are not paying enough already. BIDs also come up with fancy ways to spend more money.
Funds OK'd for Western Avenue work URA director of business development Robert Rubinstein said legislation creating a Western Avenue Business Improvement District, and allowing the assessment, would be introduced in council within weeks. Council would have to conduct a public hearing before voting, he said.

When roads get paved because those who live there are paying more for the paving -- it is a case of the rich getting richer. We won't need to pave the roads in the poor neighborhoods.

Road paving decisions need to come from the most prudent logic, based upon fairness, giving economics of the community some weight and allowing opportunities for citizen input and critique. Presently road paving decisions are often about patronage. This move to BIDs makes the special interest groups get more clout and more attention to scares resources.

Road work in progress somewhere in the world.

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