Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why? Because it is still our money and the idea stinks!

Why do people still gripe about extending light-rail service to the North Shore when there is no cost to the city, only a 3 1/3 percent cost to Allegheny County and a 30-to-1 return on local tax dollars? The state and federal governments have earmarked $380 million for the Port Authority's project. Use it or lose it.

The money can come from your wallet or your purse. It is still your money. Right.

The money that comes from the local sources and the federal sources is still our money. Just because the feds pay for some of the project does not make it "free." We pay for federal projects too.

Furthermore, the project does not merit the spending. The project stinks.

Finally, spending this type of money on this one dumb project is going to take our regional credit downward so that other, better projects are not going to be done.

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