Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Step Trek -- Volunteer in my absence -- but do it for yourself

We missed the South Side Slopes StepTrek -- but we hit some other steps in the hopes of generating some good karma with those back home.

Erik's taking a trek.

This year's South Side Slopes Steptrek,, occurs soon -- while we are in Hong Kong. We'll walk Victoria's Peek and make other treks on the other side of the world -- and we'll be thinking of you on the South Side Slopes. Does that mean that when I'm over there walking up a pathway, it would be like walking downward over here? However, check out this opportunity to participate with a last call from Bev, one of the great community organizers. Good group of people, nice cause, splendid views.
StepTrek Volunteer Meeting! We will need upwards of 50 volunteers this Sunday and we have ~ half that amount. Please help us out!

There will be a meeting, at which you will receive a free Trek tee shirt, on this Thursday, September 29th at 7:00 pm at my (BEV's) house 126 Pius Street. It will be a quick meeting. We will go over the event and where volunteers are needed.

There are many jobs. We need a driver, people to walk the route and put up direction signs, we need a couple of people along the route to direct walkers. We have 6 artist venues with 3 water stations where people need to be. We need people to help park cars, put up tents, take down tents, set up tables & chairs, register people, sell pedometers, cut fruit, you name it & there is a job for that!

Please email me here if you want to volunteer & can't make it Thursday. We also need pick up trucks to deliver to the water stations. Volunteers times go from 8:00 am to - 4:30 pm. On hour, or as many as you can give!

Volunteers Saturday, October 1st! We will quickly walk the routes one last time this Saturday. The majority of the litter was picked up last Saturday, but we want one last check of the route. Also, I will be at the Triangle Garden 18th & Josephine. Lamar is supposed to fix it by Friday - I am not holding my breath. For those who missed it an overzealous subcontractor weed-whacked it - 3 weeks ago. Anyway it looks like crap. It will need some sprucing. The Greeley Garden also needs some TLC. We will meet at 21st & Josephine Streets at 9 am.

StepTrek October 2, 2005! Here it comes, our 5th Trek! We would like you to come & be a part of it. The website is full of details. Our Honorary Chairperson is Adelaide LaFond, she has graciously allowed us to use one of her designs on the tee shirt front. It is beautiful! The event formally runs from noon to 4 pm. Trek it out!

Thanks, all! We need you! Bev :)

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