Thursday, September 22, 2005

Murphy Submits another broken Budget -- pants on fire

The school crossing guards have been the responsibility of the city's budget, not the school budget. The school budget was stretched to pick up the fumble that Murphy created.

The police and firefighter positions will not be affected in the budget, but the EMS positions are another matter. A January strike has been predicted for EMS. Murphy's contract offer is so bad that the union isn't even going to consider going to the table with certain provisions in there now.

Murphy was to merge EMS some eight years ago. He didn't.

The hiring freeze is going to come on now -- in January, just as Bob O'Connor comes back to the city. Where have you been Bob. I hope he is looking tan.
KDKA: Murphy Submits Budget To ICA Board
Pittsburgh (KDKA) Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy today submitted his budget proposal to the city�s fiscal oversight board.

The $415 million budget is $15 million less than the board predicted.

However, the city needs to make a $4 million cut.

The city says it will not have layoffs, but will instead institute a hiring freeze through 2006 for non-public safety positions.

Police and firefighter positions will not be affected.

Additionally, Murphy says the city�s budget took a hit after it had to spend $600,000 more than budgeted for gasoline, and paying salaries for crossing guards after Pittsburgh Public Schools announced it would no longer do so.

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