Monday, September 19, 2005

Gipper, gadfly, or GOPer

Gipper or gadfly? - "Allegheny County's Republican Committee should not consider the coming mayoral election as an inevitable failure. Bob O'Connor, poised to snatch the Grant Street throne from Tom Murphy, began his political identity as a registered Republican.
Yes, a Republican.

Word on the street says Tom Murphy was a Republican as well. And, he went to the established Republicans early in his ramping up for elected office and put the cards on the table. He sold his soul to them in some early meetings and got into bed with the Allegeheny Conference.
To this day, many Pittsburgher folks are sure Tom Murphy isn't a Democrat. I was on a talk-show and this same noise came up. It is everywhere. Tom Murphy acts like a Republican comes from the Dems and the denial of Tom Murphy as a pawn of the Republicans is bold too.
Tom Murphy used to speak to Jim Roddey, R, County Executive, every day while both were in office. They were tight. They were reading from the same playbook until late 2001. Roddey wanted Murphy to win election in 2001.
Life here isn't so much about Rs and Ds. Salena might wish it was, because that is the national sizzle that makes smoke for the business model to scale up to bigger and different accounts in the political PR world.
Bob O'Connor is cut from the same cloth as Tom Murphy. Both are the leading Democrats in the city. Both are for status quo. Both are for corporate welfare.
The article says the sky has already fallen on Pittsburgh. Well, I'd say it fell, sure. But, today is a new day and it is falling again. The sky is still going to fall -- and further debt is sure to mount. There is still a valid reason for sounding the alarms when the city's budget for 2006 calls for an additional $25-million in new debt.

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