Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Oak Hill developer sues Pitt over tactics

Pitt, known for taking other universities to court to force them to be friends in a football conference, is playing under the table games with others now.
Oak Hill developer sues Pitt over tactics A developer is suing the University of Pittsburgh, claiming that it's offering 'inducements' to Hill District residents in an effort to undermine a proposed housing expansion.
The inducements include scholarships and business opportunities for key residents of the Oak Hill development, says the lawsuit by Boston-based Beacon/Corcoran Jennison, which owns that 639-home complex.
The lawsuit, filed in Common Pleas Court, is the latest heave in a long tug-of-war between the developer and Pitt. The developer wants to build 200 more homes on land bordering Pitt. The university wants the land for sports fields.

Who was it that told Pitt it could buy off his influnece if Pitt used the old Pitt script on its helmets? For two games this season, we'll see turn the clock back uniforms with the Pitt script! (giggle)

It stinks to have bullies in your neighborhood. It stinks worse when the bullies are non-profit institutions. It stinks tripple-dog bad when the bullies are universities -- institutions of higher learning.

OMG. "Mostly is is our way of saying to Pitt -- back off." The developer isn't done playing with its vision.

Pittsburgh needs to be done with the playing of childish games.

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