Friday, September 23, 2005

Field Trip Frenzy

I got to spend much of the Friday school day with my son and some of his classmates on a field trip. We walked to the IBEW on the South Side for a fitness event that was tied to Highmark and The Great Race Expo. (more later)

Next week there is no school on Tuesday. Then I've got field trips on Thursday (zoo trip for gifted center) and Friday (Voyager boat for science).

Then the next two weeks, staring on October 2, we go to Hong Kong with three other students (beyond my boys) so Catherine can teach a course at Hong Kong University.

Fun. Field Trips.

I don't think we had many of those when I was in school, other than the annual trip to Turners' Dairy to see how the farm worked and get the little hats made of white paper that they use in the dairy.

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