Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It is still best to walk your bike on the sidewalk. Perhaps I'll make a whole campaign out of nothing else but good city-living guidelines. Forget about heavy subjects, such as freedoms or subsidization of rich people's housing for downtown loft apartments -- just don't burp in public nor play your car radios too loud.
Photo by Mark Rauterkus.


Adam said...

Hey Mark: this would be great to the extent that people just to don't recognize how these behaviors impose on their neighbors. Perhaps it would be good to focus on college freshment for this sort of education.

Unfortunately, many rude people simply don't care. Often they feel like the rule-makers ignore them, and sometimes they are just plain selfish. Perhaps what we need is better education on how to apply social pressure against rude/anti-social behavior without causing complete alienation between groups. It's a big job.

Amos_thePokerCat said...

I have noticed a new obnoxious habit, leaving the hip hop on full blast, with the doors open, at gas stations, after filling up. Yup. No a person to be seen around the car. Bump. De Bump. Da. Bump. I am just waiting to see someone jump in the car and steal it.

Michael P. O'Connor said...

Adam, some of these bikers do this stuff just to be rude, look around the net for something called critical mass, if that does not prove to you that they are just a**holes for the sake of being a**holes I don't know what will. And for the record I am a cyclist, but I obey the laws, and I disappove of these peoples tactics.