Monday, November 14, 2005

Challenge to --- say, how many black men have blogs out of the 300 in the network?

I don't know the answer to this question -- but would like to know. How many blogs are run by black-males within the 300-plus at I've never counted.

Sorry, I missed the last blog-fest as we were in Chicago.

Among the "running mates" there are a few black men engaged in the campaign. But, they don't post to the blog here with any frequency.

So, first question: How many are in the network now? Any? And, does it make sense to do a bit of outreach and get five new bloggers signed up and at the next Blogfest in January?
Black males rare on nation's campuses: "To some degree, said Dr. Larry Davis, dean of the School of Social Work and director of the Center of Race and Social Problems at the University of Pittsburgh, black women fall under the umbrella of the women's movement, but black males have no allies.

'For many of them, there is no such thing as brotherhood. White men aren't saying 'Come on in, brother.' '

Once higher education is no longer an option, their job choices narrow significantly, which can lead to crime, unemployment and imprisonment, said Dr. Davis."

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Mark Rauterkus said...

One of the most, blog-like, I know about. Bill Robinson & Associates, Inc. Click here to see existing Bill's Book articles as they have appeared in The New Pittsburgh Courier.

But, his is not a real "blog." But, he could establish one.