Friday, November 25, 2005

We were part of history tonight! We went to the first-ever home victory for the ABA's Pittsburgh Explosion!

My boys and I attended our first ABA game, at Pitt's Peterson Event Center. Great time.

The music is too loud for Erik. He's the hyper protective one. My other guy, Grant, could not get this one question out of his head. And, I'm at a loss for an answer too.

The Pgh Explosion played the Kentucky Colonels. Why in the heck do you say COLONELS when there isn't an "R" in there???? Can someone help us out on that one?
Nevermind: The modern usage of the word colonel began in the late sixteenth century, when companies were first formed into larger regiments or columns (colonne in Italian) under the leadership of a colonnello. (In modern English, the word is pronounced similarly to kernel as a result of having entered the language from Middle French in two competing forms, coronel and colonel. The more etymological colonel was favored in literary works and eventually became the standard spelling despite losing the pronunciation war to the dissimilated coronel.)
We won in overtime. Good game. Fine play and players too. Spelling -- that is a different matter.

Photos to come later.

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