Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Legislator's lonely....

In Beaver Falls, not everyone is angered by their legislator's lonely vote for a pay raise

'He's one of the main reasons that I'm no longer a Democrat,' said Rep. Mike Diven, R-Brookline, who served four years as a House Democrat and then switched to the Republican Party this year.

'He's what's wrong with Harrisburg. The mentality he carries -- he's disconnected from people. It's his way or the highway on issues.'
Okay Republican Diven, then what's to say you won't switch back to being a D, if and when the state house leader, the Beaver Falls D, Veon, departs Harrisburg???

Will you campaign for a Dem challenger to Veon in the Dem's primary in Beaver Falls? Will you offer ideas and money to that challenger?

Would you campaign for a Republican challenger to Veon should Veon win the D's primary?

Mike left the D's party. Mike became a Republican because he was pushed out or pushed away by the Dems. You can go from point A to point B by driving in reverse or driving in forward. Sure, you're allowed to peek in the rear-view mirror. Perhaps that's all that is being offered in this quote. I wonder, as do others, if Mike join the Republicans because he valued the Republican approach. And, now that Mike is in the GOP Camp, is he still a (self-described) "back bencher?"

What's the upside to being in the 'majority party' now?

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